Open Source enthusiast | Go & Cloud Native fan | CNCF Ambassador | Speaker | Tech content creator

Mark is a dedicated technical leader and software engineer who specializes in building Cloud Native and Open Source software. His passion for Open Source has led him to make substantial contributions to a various projects.

Feel free to explore his GitHub profile to learn more about his work.

A key focus for Mark is to streamline the contribution process for contributors in Open Source Software and ensure the delivery of secure software, recognizing the vital role it plays in the global software supply chain. By optimizing collaboration and security, he actively contributes to the robustness and reliability of Open Source projects.

In addition, Mark is committed to enhancing Developer Experience (DX) by empowering engineers to concentrate on their work without being hindered by inefficient tools or processes.

Mark’s expertise extends to building platforms for deploying Cloud Native applications in the cloud and on Kubernetes, seamlessly integrating components from the Cloud Native landscape.

As an active community member, Mark organizes various meetups, including Go Budapest, Kubernetes and Cloud Native Budapest, and Microservices Budapest. He is also a regular speaker at podcasts, meetups and conferences.

In 2023, Mark was honored with the title of CNCF Ambassador in recognition of his unwavering commitment to the Cloud Native community.